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I have not seen Terri in quite some time. Did she leave the Q?

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@Tatanoo46   She's still there ~ I saw her recently.

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@Tatanoo46  Go to the bottom of the page and click on "Meet Our Hosts".

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I just saw her two days ago .. I think she is on vacation now.
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Terri hasn't been on air for quite a while.  She's not scheduled in the Program Guide all this week and next week.  


Remember, Terri missed her new show with Ali Carr, Calm the Chaos at noon on Wednesdays which began January 3 without her.  She was out sick (she posted about it on her Instagram page) and Sandra filled in for her. 


That show is not scheduled for the rest of January.  Hope she's feeling better, and perhaps also on a scheduled vacation planned prior to getting sick.  



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If Terri is vacationing I hope she enjoys the rest and downtime.


Both of her parents are now living with her family and that can be a heavy load along with other work and parental responsibilities. 


I hope all is well.

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Yes, she is on vacation.  I heard both Sandra and Ali make mention of this.

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She still shows up from time-to-time.

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She was just on air

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I keep wondering what her hubby, Austin Peck,  is up to now, not seen him in acting roles in very long time, assume they now live in PA.