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If you don't know the meaning of a word, then you really shouldn't use it.  Makes one appear ignorant.  When someone talks for a living, we really should expect better from them.

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@carrie ann  Now that is funny!  I missed it.  

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@kaydee50 , good one !!!

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I was not a fan of Terri's at first but now I turn on to watch her show at noon.


the infamous thing, someone in the control room should tell her, but they are obviously ignorant too.


Al Capone is infamous, as is _______ any serial murder



hopefully they will figure it out.


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I really enjoy Terri 

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Or it is a sly dig on the product 🤣

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I don't know who Terri Conn is, but she has a very unfortunate last name for a salesperson. 

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@janey2 wrote:

I also enjoy her. I just need her to be careful what words she uses.

@carrie ann   Last week I heard her say infamous about Isaac Mizrahi Pima cotton tees(twice) and she used the word again about one of Josie Maran's products.




Wow.  Woman Surprised

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One would think that as a former actress Terri would be more proficient at channeling the inner motivation of her characterization,  a shopping channel host.

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Former actresses do not a sales person make. Their job is to study what someone else has written and repeat it.