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Tempt. Purse Cookie Jar: Q Took Too Many Orders!

H168465 (Blue Old World Cookie Jar)—called corporate office because my order was in processing, backordered, in processing, and finally this morning on back order again! To make a long story short, I was told that the vendor (Tara/Temp-tations) promised QVC these items and was unable to fulfill the order. They are due to be shipped shortly after Christmas. I asked her isn’t this against the law to accept orders when you do not have the inventory and she continued to explain for several long minutes, this was their practice! Very unhappy as this was a gift for my 82 year old mother! Just informing anyone who may have this item ordered as a Christmas gift and it does not arrive.

Edited to say: The lady never once apologized! She stated unfortunately it would not arrive by Christmas, but again, never apologized!