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Re: Tara's Expanded Outdoor Décor Line

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Re: Tara's Expanded Outdoor Décor Line

@PA Mom-mom wrote:

Tara from Temp-tations is currently showing her "Centertaining" outdoor line with Sandra Bennett. While I'm all for someone expanding their line, as a long-time Temp-ttions bakeware fan, I sure wish Tara would pay more attention to her quality control of her recent bakeware pieces. I told my DIL I would find a replacement for her broken 9x13 baker. It took me returning the order 3 times before I received one that could pass muster. Same thing happened when I tried to add to my poinsettia collection, and I finally gave up. I wonder if she is going to give up on the bakeware collection because of QC.



I couldn't agree with you more.  I have two of Tara's original pieces (when she only offered the Old World green pattern/color).  I still have them with no issues.  But two years ago I bought my niece 10 pieces of Temptations and 4 of them cracked!  I was pretty upset when I heard this.  I wrote to Tara several times, but she has yet to respond to any of my emails.  I will never purchase anything else from her again.  Her stuff is now junk.  Very sad.