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Re: TSV...goes on and on

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My suggestion isn't to make or not make QVC sales.


It is to save the aggravation that long TSV programming seems to be so to posters!


I believe in simplifying stress and annoyances in our lives. 


I can't understand leaving on any channel or program that is annoying you!


We all have on, click off....recheck in a little while.


I highly DOUBT anyone that is not interested in the current item is going to order it.  So changing the channel clearly makes the most sense.


You are NOT going to order this long storied item how would changing the channel change a single thing to their bottom line?


It was a NO sale anyways.

That's what this thread is about, how QVC can keep viewers engaged! If enough people stop watching chances are they wont remain in business. Many of us  are suggesting that QVC shorten the TSV presentation which would enable the host/vendors to present more items, and the more items they show, they would have more of a chance to entice someone to stay tuned so they will have an opportunity to make a sale on one of the many items available in the show--If the presentation is too long on one item people will get bored and wont bother watching----but the more variety the better chance to keep a viewer tuned in ....QVC has a TV channel in the first place to help entice viewers to stay tuned through on air pesentations---some shoppers are impulse buyers, while others are looking for a specific item to purchase... We are saying long presentations chase viewers away and we are making a suggestion that would benefit both the viewer and help QVC stay in business....and keep SHOPPERS happy as well with shorter presentations and a larger variety of products! 

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I totally get your point. 


However, if I am interested in an item, esp electronics, I want to know every little thing before I purchase.  I want as much info and details which longer presentations give.


Often, longer cosmetic presentations are helpful. 


5000 ways to wear a sneaker, is not!  LOL  And that is when each of us can change the channel and go do something else.


However, just because I am not interested in a TSV, that doesn't mean others aren't either.  What percentage am I when QVC is in 95 million households?


  It is not up to me to judge how long they demo/promote or push the TSV.

They are trying to selling maybe they thinking continual showings will push some 'maybes' into buying it.



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@rms1954 wrote:

There's a reason for that.

To hypnotize us --- or put us to sleep.

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I know it makes me change the channel....