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I like the values of Today's Special Values but the presentations go on way too long and we see them over and over and over.  It gets so monotonous   It must be hard for the hosts to find enough things to say.......


Janet in Georgia
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You must be referring to that Keurig!!!! It's another Infomercial.


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That's today, but generally every day the TSV is shown over and over and over and gets tiresome. 

Janet in Georgia
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I agree! I've turned it onto QVC more than four times today and it's been on the TSV each and every time. I give up on QVC today.


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That has been the way with all TSVs for years now.  Nothing new.  At least it's not a pair of socks or a pillow.  They probably lose as much audience as they sell in coffee machines. 

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There's a reason for that.

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Agreed.  That is why I DVR a couple of two or three hour shows.  If it's a Tsv that I am not interested in, I put one of my recorded shows on.  

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If I have QVC on and the TSV is shown way to much and way to long, thats when I can get some work done.

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I agree, wouldn't mind so much if 30 minutes wasn't about colors! Ali must have told us colors 30 times in the hour. nothing about the interior of the shoe, or sizing, or explaining about how deep the faux fur goes.
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Re: TSV...goes on and on

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Yep, total OVERKILL on the QVC TSV.....Since they started overdoing it, some TSV's dont seem all that successful....


This is the age of "instant gratification" you can find anything on the internet in seconds and place an online order instantly...there's air fryers and microwaves so you can prepare a meal in a few minutes, you can connect with people around the world in second, so why do they think QVC customers would tolerate 2 or 3 LENGTHY "old fashion" presentations of the TSV in the SAME show.....


WAIT!!!---Is that the sound of remotes changing the channel....could be!!!!  Know wonder revenues and sales were on a decline, only the pandemic temporarily helped stop unfavorable financial results  .....




Sure there have been SOME TSV'S that did meet expections but I think that has more to do with the uniqueness of the product and price rather than REPETITIVE presentations! 


It looks like the lengthy and too frequent TSV presentations are driving people AWAY rather than ENTICING them! 

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