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TSV Northern Nights Mattress

I have watched the Northern Nights TSV Hybrid mattress presentation several times today and it has been very informative EXCEPT for the return issue. They have stated that you get the 30 day return policy for a full refund and then the rep keeps saying that you dont have to put it back into the box because that won't be possible so you will have to call QVC customer service to get the proper return info. That's all she will say about it and then change the subject. So does anyone know exactly what will happen? Do they send someone to pick it up if your not satisfied with purchase? Thanks.

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Re: TSV Northern Nights Mattress

I believe they set up a UPS truck to come and pick it up. I sent one back to Evine and that is what they did.


I didn't even have to do anything. They made all the arrangements, the shipper just called and made a time arrangement to get it and off it went.


I assume QVC does the same. I think I wrapped it up in some big plastic painting drop clothes because I didn't want it to get dirty, but they did not ask me to do that.



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Re: TSV Northern Nights Mattress

I bought a bed  from HelixCo. 3 years ago, that was made per my personal requirements. It had a 100 night return policy and they would arranged to pick it up and donate if it wasn't working for me. I LOVE  it and slept great from the first night on. But it was $750 for the full size. But it was made fresh for me too. And made in NYcity.  Came to me just like this bed too, but was heavy so beware if you need it upstairs. It has a 10 year guarantee too. I think the 30 day return is a very short time to return it. but if I were looking for another mattress, I might try Northern Nights--the prices are really good. 

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Re: TSV Northern Nights Mattress

Interesting that the "is it made in the usa" question is unanswered??!!

I wouldn't buy a mattress if it's not made in the USA.  I'm thinking not, since that to me would be a huge selling point.  I bought a Casper recently, similar situation, arrives in a box and you just open it up and let it expand for a couple days.  Made in the USA and I love it.  Not a big northern nights fan as far as towels and sheets so I don't think I would chance their mattress. JMO

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Re: TSV Northern Nights Mattress

I have another question.  Has anyone slept on a Bed in a Box mattress for several years?  I'm wondering how they hold up and what type of longevity there is.  My fear is I would have paid $500 and within 6 months it would be sagging.