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I rec'd. "the letter" stating that I had too many returns & that I need to follow their guidelines in order for me to stop returning items to the Q. Or, my QVC membership account will be closed.

I replied to Mr. McDermott stating that I return items due to numerous issues: 1) clothes have broken zippers, missing buttons, holes in pockets, split seams, stains, cheap perfume smells, bar smells (beer) & have been worn & returned. 2) a jewelry item arrived & the box was crushed & that I couldn't open the box. The tire tracks were on the pkg. 3) earring has bent post or missing clutch. 4) necklaces or bracelets have broken clasps. 5) rings have sharp prongs that snag my clothing or scratch me, or the ring is scratched. 6) I rec'd. the wrong item or wrong sz. clothing a few times.

I told Mr. McDermott that if QVC would send me the correct itmes that I order & wouldn't send me damaged, defective or previously worn items then I wouldn't have so many returns.

I'm going to follow-up & call Customer Service & have them list the reason on every item as to why I returned the items. Curious to see what happens when I actually make the phone call.

QVC no longer has the "QUALITY" that it had yrs. ago.