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Say what now? You mean you don't want to hear the words liquid knit 35x a min? 🤣 me either, I only shop her online

@Irmasdc  It's the most popular fabrication on QVC you know.  People everywhere clamor for it. 🤣

@Linda0215 And customers have told her that they have changed their ENTIRE wardrobe to liquid knit!

@Puppy Lips  And it will always look like new. Just pop it in the wash over and over again. They say it will survive a nuclear holocaust!

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I find something I like new every spring and fall. I don't want something that's going to last until the end of time....

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I don’t like liquid knit but I like her other fabrics. Her items fit & wear well. She is enthusiastic about her line but I think she puts a lot of work into her designs. She does offer the most variety in style, designs & colors.
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I find that I need to go down a size or 2 in her clothing as well as D & C.

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I bought a double bonded fleece jacket and a sheer black kimono cardigan style top with metallic embroidery. I wore out the jacket. The kimono is one of the best pieces I have ever purchased. I throw it on over a black top and pants or black dress for formal occasions. It looks like I spent a lot and is so unique. I wish Susan would bring the kimono back. The piece is amazing!!! I've always liked that Susan pays attention to the fit in the shoulders. It is difficult to find jackets that aren't made for model body types.
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I can't watch SG. There is something about her that just rubs me the wrong way.


And most of her clothes are polyester, no matter what cutsie name she gives it. For me, polyester is like wearing a plastic bag.

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I didn't like her TSV at all for me. It was way too long, but not called a tunic. The bottom should have been more relaxes and not tight and cupping. Didn't care for the twosome usual poly colors that are intense with poly. It wasn't for me at all.

Susan almost got hysterical pushing sales toward the end.

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At the end of the show, Susan and Jane were talking simultaneously. The weren't listening to each other, so this went on and on. The two did the same thing during a show when Susan was there remotely: it sounded like I was getting interference from another channel!
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@CalminHeart wrote:


I can't watch SG. There is something about her that just rubs me the wrong way.


        She talks too much, interrupts all the time and says the same thing over and over.   I can't watch her either, so I don't.


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I can't watch her because of the "passion"!  Screaming and NEVER slowing down!