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If you live in a populous city with ample shopping choices, her prices will be unreasonably high in comparison for like items.


I have several of her pieces (including reasonably priced ponte blazers from years ago), but would not pay what she is asking for now.

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I have purchased several items from her line over the years.  But I agree, prices just seem to be going up more rapidly than I would expect they should.  But that's OK.  If I think a higher price is warranted for an item I'm interested in, I'll pay the price.  If sale.

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Sorry to sound negative but I can barely get through 10 minutes of a Graver show.  I agree her prices have gone up but EVERYTHING is going up.  I watched a bit of her show last night, she compared one of her items to Gucci.  Ummm, nope I don't think so.

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Her stuff is too expensive now for what it is. Plus, the quality had gone down and the sizing is inconsistent. I used to buy a few pieces a year from her line, but she made it onto my do not buy list. Once I cannot depend on sizing or quality, I stop buying from the line.
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I ordered her long reversible fleece coat last year for under $38.00.  It is now around $54.  That is ridiculous.  Now I only look at her stuff on clearance and LTS.  Every other line has gone up around $3 dollars on reorders to make up for the lower shipping.

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Re: Susan Graver prices

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@Nuttmeg wrote:

@shopaholic77 wrote:

Is it just me or are Susan Graver's prices going through the roof?  I'm noticing updated styles and I actually like her clothes more now than in the past, but she's pricing me out!  I can't pay $60 for a shirt, plus shipping!

I have shopped SG clothes for years. The prices are up and the quality is down.


   Agree... and not only higher prices and poor quality, but the sizing is all over the place.  I used to be able to buy from Susan based on my regular size.  Now, even with the size chart info, I find that the item really doesn't quite fit correctly!

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Ok, that's what I thought.  I was watching a show and nothing was under $45, and the "cheaper" items were on clearance.  I also noticed they are bringing back the same items with different names (I think Peachskin is now called something else) and with the new name is a new price.  I didn't even make the connection between higher prices and the shipping price dropping--definitely a good point.  D&C and other in house brands seemed to have stayed the same, so hers should too!  At lease Issac and Liz C. designs are in B&M stores and you can compare and even find similar items on sale.  I even noticed her fleece items are outrageously priced.  It's fleece for Pete's sake! 

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I totally agree!

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I took a year break from watching SG or buying. The prices are definitely higher and I just lost interest in her designs.

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I think her prices are comparable to mainstream stuff out there. But, "out there", you can always get a deal with coupons or sales.