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Her husband died, Mary Beth just said it on QVC. I hope she returns to QVC. I enjoy watching her. 

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Yeah well he died, they just said it on QVC, so much for privacy.

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Re: Sue Clifton - Dooney

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@Iliketoshop ...possilby MaryBeth had been  given the OK to pass the news along since viewers had been asking about Sue.


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Mary Beth would never say it if Sue hadn't given her the okay.  

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Mary Beth hosted a Dooney & Bourke show this afternoon and told us that Susan is taking a hiatus while dealing with the loss of her husband five months ago. Mary Beth said that she had a long talk with Susan by phone recently and she is doing well. Hopefully she will be back soon.

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I miss her greatly and hope she returns. She explains the product and is not caught up in "look at me" attitude. Very professional woman. Be strong, Sue. 

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Mary Beth said yesterday that Sue's husband past away about a month ago and she was dealing with some family things. 

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Now its April. I'm wondering about Sue too. She is the best presenter for Dooney

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Sue Clifton ws the best - Adienne is so dry Ashley is Ok  I have more that 50 Dooney's and have not bought any since I have not seen her.


\I am so sorry to hear that she lost her husband  she is such a terrific person

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Her husband died of cancer in February.