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Style Tonight Show on QVC plus

I got home and was channel surfing while I was waiting for the news to show the weather report (and avoiding the usual litany of bad news) so I happened on this show on QVC plus with Courtney. I had heard others mention that there would be a style show with Courtney as the host but didn't realize the time it was scheduled to be on.

I liked what I saw, Courtney was easy going and it was interesting to watch - even if it is just the usual Q fashions. She did a nice job on all the presentations, most of which were without a vendor which IMO was a NICE change. Less jabbering and conflicting talk, more info about the item.

Anyone know if this is going to be a regularly scheduled program? If so, I would definitely tune in to it again.

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Re: Style Tonight Show on QVC plus

oh thank the stars that i am not the only one promoting these shows I have been begging them for more of these shows they are fantastic also watch out for leah loves accecories and style tonight on thures with sandra

qvc plus will host these shows live on tuesday and thursday nights around 8pm est so please pass it on so they will see ratings the shows are fresh modern and just fun

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Re: Style Tonight Show on QVC plus

It is very nice - for a change - to see a competent host presentation without the vendor present. Seems more civilized.

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Re: Style Tonight Show on QVC plus

What is QVC Plus?