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Re: Stop Screaming ! you mean Renee from Women With Control? I don't know any other Renee. Thanks...

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Re: Stop Screaming !

Very true,I watch to see what is shown,not to be intertained by loudmouths.When that happens,the channel goes off.Some of hosts need to be informed.

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Re: Stop Screaming !

I stopped watching QVC months ago, due to this very reason. The more I watched, the more they got on my nerves, so I gave up trying to watch. Have not missed it at all. I still enjoy reading the forums, & looking online, but refuse to listen to this nonsense. 

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Re: Stop Screaming !

Pat is awesome too....

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Re: Stop Screaming !

Every show hosted by Kirsten is loud and obnoxious!  I only recently noticed her raising her voice!  Very annoying, had to change the channel!  She is adorable, but her "screaming" is tarnishing her career!

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Re: Stop Screaming !

Reading through this, does anyone really have an issue with a vendor or host saying the word “butt”?? You need a teenager in your life to get over that one! Lol!
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Re: Stop Screaming !

@Mona_L wrote:

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@Ricki Lynn wrote:

I thought it was Renee who was yelping.  I had to mute the tv.

She was yelping, I had the volume turned down , and I could still hear her. Very unprofessional.

So, if it bothers you so much why do you watch her?





We should be able to watch QVC "at peace" without worrying about having our ears blown out.  I hate when people say "turn the channel", etc. etc.  @apple1964 


You could lower the sound on your TV or mute it. Instead of complaining about it.Woman Indifferent

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Re: Stop Screaming !

@Ketra wrote:

Stacey Stauffer is on right now and she talks so loud it hurts my ears! She is very nice but for some reason talks very loudly. Maybe she has poor hearing?

Rick also talks very loud. Channel changer.