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Steam mops: reviews, clearance/waitlist at the same time? and quality control

With the Oreck TSV I was looking at steam cleaners and mops on the past day. One of the items that came up (V29395) was at a clearance price, but then it said underneath "waitlist availability only". Does that mean if you order it you're waiting for someone to return it and then you'll get that one? After reading the reviews I'm not interested in that model -- it just seemed odd it's on clearance AND waitlist at the same time.

I didn't get the Oreck TSV because I've been burned before being the first to order something w/out the benefit of reviews. The reviews I read on the Haan and other models QVC sells actually made me less inclined to buy a steam mop at all because a lot of the reviews are polar opposites. It seems like some people are getting mops that don't work after a period of time and/or are totally dissatisfied with the cleaning while others rave it's the best thing since sliced bread.

It's weird for reviews to be mostly at the extremes. Does QVC's quality control dept. check longevity of these kinds of products? If so, that's an important thing to stress in the write-up and on-air presentations.