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@love to workout wrote:

@barrel racer your disrespectful comment speaks volumes about you.  So sad.


I agree @love to workout    there is no reason for the sarcastic comments.


Turn your volume down, turn your hearing aid down. What ever happened to letting a poster vent. Sad group.

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I've been listening to Stacey all morning in the AM Style with Leah show this morning.  How in the world does Stacey get singled out for being too loud???


She sounds great, and no louder than anyone else in the show.  

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I think she does a great job and she is a stunning woman as well.

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She’s loud and overwhelming..she started out humble tho
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She’s loud and I have perfect hearing
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I had to go look at the hosts pictures to make sure that I had the correct host.  I watched Stacy last night and never once was she loud nor was her voice annoying.


I think some just need to pick on a host and it happens to be Stacy's turn.


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I watched Stacy's show and she was excellent. 


Absolutely nothing unusual about her vocals.


Some posters make stuff up as they go along,  from one host to another.

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I'm not a fan of Stacy.

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I think Stacy is beautiful and has a ton of potential.  I wouldn't describe her delivery as yelling or screaming, but I do think she could be more natural and conversational rather than what can feel like she's trying too hard.  To me, her delivery sometimes seems forced like she's acting rather being more natural like other hosts who I feel like are having a conversation.  I think/hope she will relax as she gets more experience because I think she could be really fabulous. 

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I agree with Cee.Cee.  Stacy was absolutely WONDERFUL at furst, but lately she does seem to be speaking overly distinctly, like she's speaking to a room full hard of hearing people.  It seems like QVC has probably coached her and pushed her to sell, and she's trying to do what they want.  But, this morning she KEPT saying ASH, for Ashley from Attitudes by Renee. Combining that with her over enunciation and overly loud speaking, it was just too much to hear, and I had to change the channel.