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I just wanted to say how much I enjoy Stacey. I don’t watch a lot, so I never paid much attention to her, but lately I have seen more of her and I enjoy her presentations . Her solo shows are fun and she holds her own with  David.


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Yes she is good as long as she doesn't start doing the happy dance
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I don't think Stacey does the "happy dance", but I'm not a regular viewer, so I may be mistaken.  She seems quite above that silliness. Long ago, she was one of the Joan Rivers regular models and always looked beautiful. 

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@ this is my nic


I think you are confusing Staci the model with Stacey the QVC host.

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Thank you for the info.  I didn't know there's a host named Stacey. Yes, I was thinking of the model, not sure of how her name is spelled.   Thanks again! 


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i agree! great job Stacey!


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I was very hard n Stacey in the beginning.  I apologise for that.  I have written before to say howmuch she has blossomed.  I think she is a natural on the cooking shows.  I think she is professional...but not scripted....I love her and David together !!

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Oh, I thought this was about Stacey of YBF cosmetics.....  ooopsie

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