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Re: Spooktacular

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@Witchy Woman  I'm sorry you missed it.😊 It was a great show, and will be airing every three hours beginning at 9pm EST this evening, until 12pm tomorrow. There will also be several airings after that, although at different intervals.😊


Happy birthday in advance! I can only imagine how FUN your birthday parties were.😁 


Enjoy the show!😊


ETA: I noticed after I left my post, that other posters had provided the times earlier, so you are well informed.😁 Sorry for the duplicate. I hope you're able to tune in.🤞❤



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It's OK....I was being lazy and could surely have investigated on my own.  Several folks did mention it, but I have been busy, so still haven't caught up to it.


As others have said, their Halloween shows from the past were great, and I was just having fond memories of those times when I used to throw a big party.  I'd always get a few things from QVC.


Sadly, no big parties any time soon....But it's still fun to watch!

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I saw that they sold the big pumpkin out. H223990 out. I got email it was back and I went to QVC ,com but it said sorry out of stock. I’m wondering if anyone else heard if it’s going to be available