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When hosting is only Shawn.  I feel like I can breathe again.

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I change the channel.

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She's the same with or without company.  A comedy of the absurd.  Entertainment at its worst.

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Opposite effect for me.

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I enjoy Shawn...she's a breath of fresh air from the stale presentations by others.  If you didn't see Shawn Saves Christmas...she was co-hosting with Kortney K. and it was so refreshing. It was fun and light while and I enjoyed it tremendously.

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I enjoy her presentations too. For me, very relaxing.
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Re: So Much More Relaxing

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I seldom watch QVC straight through. What I do is record the preferred shows and then fast forward, stopping if something catches my eye.   However, I always enjoy Shawn, Amy, Carolyn G  and Kerstin.  The rest I can definately pass on.

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One of the very last adjectives I would use for Shawn is relaxing.


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Re: So Much More Relaxing

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I have to disagree. Its the opposite effect on me.

I feel like its a version of older women doing what little girls do when they wear pajamas, act like clowns, being all goofy and crazy. Nothing wrong with it. I just dont wanna watch anymore reality t.v type of shows. Enough crazy shows out there. 

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