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Oh-no!  The poor snowman.Woman Sad

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@BeGrateful wrote:

I was so excited to get one of my orders so fast but once I opened it I was just about in tears. Smiley Sad  Baby is missing his head. Now you know surely someone had to see this when they pick it up to put it in the box. Now I am stuck with it since it will cost so much to send it back and then pay again to have it shipped back to me. Or I can find someone local to sew it back on. Poor quality control IMO. This has taught me a valuable lesson for the future.



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How upsetting! 

Hopefully they will send you a new one right away!!

I am sorry this happened to you!

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Wow this is terrible. I almost bought this set as I collect snowmen but passed on it. Glad QvC won't be charging you the shipping back as it did arrive defective. 



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Why would you possibly think that you would be responsible for paying to ship a item that arrived broken back to the seller?  No legitimate business would expect you to pay for that cost.

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You absolutely should not have to pay for any more shipping either way!  Tell them about it and then make sure you receive a new one.  Even if you have to pay for shipping up front, make sure you receive credit!  I have had this happen to me and never had a problem w/having my shipping taken care of.  Good luck!!

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@ValuSkr wrote:

Since it was defective, I think Q will pay for return shipping (and refund your original shipping).

That is correct.  Note "defective" on return slip.

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       Poor little guy!!!  Looking at that picture, I keep thinking...

there is something so bizarre/so wrong with this visual.  Cute little snowman with head lopped off -  yikes!!  

      Am sure QVC will take care of your expenses.  When I have had to return something because it was "defective",  I always called and had the CS put a note in my account!