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@handygal wrote:
We'll never know this for sure, but l suspect the Q is losing a lot of business to HSN, which still refunds the original shipping charges on returns. And they offer better sales, and customer incentives.


I agree.  HSN is better than QVC now..  A lot of the name brands have gone over to HSN also...  It looks like QVC would recognize their shortcomings....

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@KatieB wrote:

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On 4/8/2015 Coin Pony said:

I bought Susan Graver A-221327. Look at what this cost me to return. {#emotions_dlg.ohmy}

Item cost = $ 52.50

S+H = $3.00

Tax = $4.16

Total cost to me = $59.66

Then, I returned the top using the slip inside bag supplied by QVC.

I was refunded $49.71

It cost me $9.95 to return it. (one top) Yikes.

I ordered 2, different colors and different orders so I paid out to QVC, $19.90 for nothing at all.

I would have shipped them back in the same bag, then you'd only pay $6.95 once.


No, that's not true.  They would have charged you $6.95 for each item you returned  --  $6.95 * 2 = $13.90. 

If they charged you $6.95 for two labels when you only used one, you should call Customer Service.  I can't tell you how many times I've returned more than one item and they only charged me for one label.  Customer Service has told me themselves that I could do this... one CS rep even told me that since I was returning one item that was defective, I could use the label for that item (and I wouldn't be charged return shipping at all), and the others could "ride along for free"... his words.  Many people have posted on the boards that they've done the same thing and never had a problem.  I do write on the outside of the package how many items are enclosed, and enclose the return slip attached to each item.  I also keep a photocopy of the label I use to return it. 

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I posted yesterday how on was charged over the 3 and 5 dollar charges on many items this week.  I called CS twice got a few refunds for the overcharge and a supervisor was called in.  I posted in capital letters to watch your items shipping charges.  I posted hee in community, please read it.  They are making extra money on millions of people who don,t look at the cost of the Wong charges.  I brought it to their attention.  I cancelled all my items except the ones already shipped.  All the S&H changes wee wrong.




They are getting bad at the Q.  The changes, the forum, and when I call on auto, I no longer am asked what card to use, it automatically goes to Q card and I Have to go in and change to a card that gives me points for using.

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According to the CS rep with whom I spoke, every item in a package will be charged the s&h rate unless they're on the same order.


Unfortunately some CS reps have told people to put everything in the same bag and they'll all ship for one s&h charge.

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I just placed in an online cart 4 of the identical items -- twin TSV sheet sets.  Shipping charge is $5 a piece for a total of $20.  I chatted to ask about the discount for multiples of the same item.  Was told it was discontinued.  I am disappointed that QVC is charging more than the fair market value of shipping.  QVC rep acknowledged that QVC is charging more than the actual cost of shipping.  A retailer making money on a product is ok, but making money on shipping, to me is not fair or good service. Because of it I did not place the order. 




Unfortunately that policy is no longer in place that was changed when QVC changed to flat rate shipping. I am sorry for the trouble.
Caitlin: 2:06 PM

QVC realizes that if I mailed the identical package myself, I would pay less than half that shpping charge?  Yikes.

Nick S.: (QVC Customer Service)2:07 PM
Yes, I am sorry for the trouble.
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I no longer order clothing from QVC now that their shipping charges have changed.  Sizing is a hit or miss.  I take a large in most Denim and Co. items. On one item it stated to order a 2X for my bust size!  Sizing is really inconsistent across the board.  I ordered 2 items from Isaac which looked like they had been washed many times.  It cost me almost $20 to send them back.  How ridiculous is that!  I find myself shopping other sites more and more often. QVC is really taking advantage of their shoppers.

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Re: Shipping charges

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I am VERY disappointed in the new shipping policy. I did not know QVC had changed it until two days ago. Customer service explained the policy and said we were sent the information by US mail plus email. I did NOT receive either one. 


Customer service said that QVC lowered the shipping costs. Not all items are lower! Unless we purchase items with free shipping it will be too costly for returns. 


I will be shopping elsewhere for the majority of items. The return policy is not competitive in today's retail market. 



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Ita with every word you posted. I thought I was alone feeling this way. I am doing less purchasing for these very reasons,also think quality of their fashions is going downhill as well.

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I never use their prepaid labels. I used them once and it took forever to get to QVC and to get my refund.   I have found that using USPS Priority is just as cheap and gets their faster.  I also get my refund faster.


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I never use their prepaid labels. I used them once and it took forever to get to QVC and to get my refund.   I have found that using USPS Priority is just as cheap and gets their faster.  I also get my refund faster.



You may be surprised at how QVC is doing this now.  As soon as you drop off your package at USPS it is scanned into the system and an email is sent to you letting you know.  Gets there and refund is noted on my Order page in about a week.


I ship using USPS Priority because I sell on eBay and am very familiar with the costs, and most of QVC's return label shipping charges ~are~ less than actual shipping.  An example is an Oreck Air Purifier I returned this morning.  If I had sent that package Priority it would have been close to $30 to ship with insurance and roughly $18 Standard Mail with insurance extra.  Ebay's label with insurance was $10.95


I have a pair of boots I have to return and I know it would cost $17 Priority to return these with insurance.  (Two others said they paid that to return these boots because they didn't come with a return label!!..... but all you have to do is go to Order Status, go to Return Info, Click on Print label and follow the prompts and the Q label is $6.95).   So I honestly don't  see a lot of money being made by the Q through return shipping.


I just want to be fair in relating what I'm seeing with return shipping, and lighter items such as blouses probably could be shipped using First Class Shipping (really inexpensive) provided the item weighs less than 15 oz.

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