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Many people here have lauded HSN shipping as being superior to that of QVC.  I don't order much there but I'm having bad luck.  In January, I ordered a TSV shoe that they were unable to ship because it was unavailable.  Last week, I ordered the cute daisy shoes.  Yesterday at 10:22am I received a notice that they shipped.  At 11:21am I was advised that there would be a delay, then I received an email that they weren't available.  Meantime the tracking shows they shipped and are on the way. 


I think QVC has been outdone.

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From my experience QVC wins the "Worst Retailer" award.


Ordered around 10 items from HSN since last Fall. All shipped within 3 days, received within 5.  


It's funny how this happens to some people and not others, a stretch of bad luck for some...good luck for others.




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have always had great luck with HSN.  quick shipping and delivery.  On the rare occasion I have had to return...quick refund  QVC....still very slow.  Shipping very slow.  The refund is a little faster since they have the new QVC returns and I get my refund much faster.But the shipping is still very slow.

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Re: Shipping - QVC vs HSN

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Have ordered very few items from HSN over the yrs.  Only had one item that  was on extended backorder . The items , I have returned the  refund  was quickly and showed up quickly on my card.  Have only ordered 3 items since  2021 from HSN.


QVC , most items were arriving  within 2 weeks , some items  were on waitlist but then a few items  that were not on waitlist ended up being delayed or  left in " processing order " limbo . Returns for refund takes  QVC a month , then more days waiting on notification from my credit card.  Even the new process, they say they will issue a refund but it still takes  a longer time to see it actually posted or notice to be sent to credit card company.

 Exchanges  by notifying QVC  goes quickly if you send them an email before dropping the item in the mail .




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I buy a lot from HSN and QVC and I have absolutely no problems with either of them.  I do love that HSN puts multiple orders in one big box.  I wish QVC would do that.  On average. I am getting my HSN purchases in 5 or 6 days and my QVC purchases in 7 or 8 days.  Same with Shophq.  They are all doing an amazing job with delivery times considering the volume.  I have not had problems with canceled or delayed or incorrect orders.

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@Kachina624, I have ordered from both on the same day and gotten my packages from HSN before the ones I ordered from QVC have even shipped. It's not even a close competition for me. I now only order from QVC if I'm not in a hurry to get the product.