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Re: Shawns new family

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Middle name Jude. Jagger Jude. Both Beatles & Stones fans?

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She must like Mick Jagger.

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Maybe it is the "birth mothers" last name, or something of that sort.

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@Foolywooly11 wrote:

I was given an uncommon name, that could be spelled different ways, that wasn't gender-specific, either. Spent my entire life repeating it, spelling it,.getting asked if it was "short" for something .                                  


@Foolywooly11 Almost the same here.  The shortened (nickname) of my given name is not gender specific and has many spellings  My name is not uncommon, not named after some celebrity, but still I have spent a lifetime spelling it for others, and defending the name.



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What's in a name?   I have an unusual name and I've encountered many.  It's interesting to know why a child is named a particular name and that's about will cause no problem for the child, children find their own nicknames and she won't have to explain anything....we have such diversity today in the USA, unusual names are quite commonplace.   If the name is symbolic to the parents, the child will learn an interesting story and probably enjoy knowing and love her's nicer than picking out the trendy name of the day with 10 kids with the same name in the same class.  I like unusual as it shows thought...


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There's absolutely nothing wrong with her name.  People are so intolerant.  

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I have an uncommon name which I hated mostly because I always have to  spell it and it gets mispronounced all the time. My sibling has a common name and I could never understand why they would do that to me.


As I got older, I learned to accept it and now I like it because it's uncommon but elegant. However, I plan to give my kids sophisticated, easy to pronounce and spell common names. 


I'm not the critical type, but that name is not one I would choose. IMO it's not a nice sounding name and seems like they're trying to aspire to some kind of celebrity status. Jude is just not a pretty name and while Jagger is a bit nicer, IMO this child will be confused for being a boy on paper for the rest of her life.


Maybe that would be OK or easier if the child was born to people in show business but IMO she's not so it's going to be weird from now on calling a little baby that name and hopefully once she's older it will get easier.


But a newborn with that name? I find it pretty harsh.

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Maybe her nickname will be "JJ".

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