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Any person who moves her parents across 4 states so she and her husband can care for them while her father has chemo and her mother is in a wheel chair qualifies as beautiful to me. Her husband too.

Amen!  Add to that I like her show and I like her period.



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This post has been removed by QVC because unkind

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Wish she would cuther hair,I personally think its awful.She always is pushing it back.

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Earlier she had a lovely light shade and different cut. It appeared quite a while on hosts page. My opinion, so much more flattering and friendly to those "talking" to her
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Like Shawn alot, but when I see Kearston on I change the channel, she has such an attitude.


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 Hey-to each his own. She irritates me, but that's just me. 

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We're talking about Shawn K., right? Dark hair w/ highlights? Always wears the high heeled ankle boots w/ shark hemmed skirts and dresses? The same Shawn that's bashed w/o mercy on these posts? Why the big change? I must have missed something.


You have not missed anything. Read between the lines. Woman HappyHeart

        I guess I'm missing something as well. Is everyone kidding?

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@handygal2 wrote:

I agree that Shawn, and all the hosts, are there to move the merchandise, and use whatever tactics are necessary to achieve that goal.


But herein lies the problem: Why should they have to be forced to use "tactics" to "move merchandise"?!


In the past, the products were interesting, unique, and reasonably priced. So the hosts/vendors wouldn't have to try so hard. JMHO.



I agree with you!!! Yes, there are "key phrases" and gimmicks they use to create interest and sales, HOWEVER, some hosts use sales techniques and sell the merchandise they present beautifully, and without annoying their audience.....


And I agree with you, I sympathize with the hosts having to present the same products over and over again....and just recently---even showing the TSV 2 or 3 times in the same show......that requires a great deal of perseverance in my book.......and you can tell when the host/vendor have run out of things to say....

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I started out watching the IM live show last night but I didn't get thru it. I like Isaac but sometimes the host gets in the way of my being able to watch and that was what happened last night so the channel got changed.


QVC can do what they like with their hosts but I choose what and who I watch.  When I don't watch, I tend to NOT SHOP, but the management doesn't seem to get that.


               I bolded part of your post, and wanted to comment on that.   I know others disagree, but frankly I don't think what we post here has any affect on the QVC powers-that-be.   When I started watching, in the 1990s, I also purchased and I was a huge fan.   The reason was that they really were entertaining, and I learned that I could trust what was said...  the quality (Q) was there, along with the value (V), and shipping was excellent (including the return process) so convenience (C) applied, too.   They also had variety, new products, something to keep us interested and curious.  I was an extremely frequent buyer with very few returns. 


           The years passed and I've learned I can find better quality, value and convenience elsewhere, and I no longer trust the sales pitches (again, sales styles dictated by the corporation, in my opinion) or the quality of the products.     And there's not nearly as much of a reason to watch (for me, anyway), since it's eerily similar to a very few looooong infomercials being re-aired ad nauseam.   I tune in now and then, often as a result of something posted here.   And think about it...   how many of us post our criticisms on the forums, but we really don't see any related changes?   I think it's because what I wrote earlier is true.   The bottom line is retail sales, and something they're doing is bringing in money.   And the changes we've seen in host presentations, limited variety, and repetition has to be part of what's generating those sales.   Gloomy post, I know.   They lost me a long time ago as a customer and a fan.   I've been posting this same thing for years, and others have, too.  Maybe we're not the target audience.   Not sure.   But I don't think our displeasure with what QVC has morphed into has any effect on the corporation.   One of the strangest things, to me at least, is that they now have more competition,  but they're not favorably competitive if we comparison shop.   There's my rant. 





QVC's quarterly results is posted periodically (and they now are listed  separately from their parent company , Liberty Interactive, in the stock exchange, so now their results stand out by standing alone)  and in the past few quarters revenue is down......its amusing that the Q Execs scratch their head and try to figure out the reasons why....sending out surveys and such, yet I think many customers know the reason for the results, which you outlined so beautifully---They can give the hosts new shows with new titles but that doesn't seem to be working either and their financial results bear it's all about merchandise!  And as you pointed out....I think QVC has a "wishful" target audience (30 on up) , and then their actual audience(45 on up)....that's why they bought Zulilly thinking it would bring in a younger audience selling kids clothes and such...

Animals are reliable, full of love, true in their affections, grateful. Difficult standards for people to live up to.”