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I don't watch Shawn, haven't for years now.
It's so much easier not to watch than get irritated with the silly stuff, the odd clothes and the tricolor hair!
I do tune in now and then just for the look
of the day on that day she's on!

That's how we roll in the shire..
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That's because we all have different opinions.

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Ladies: I'm reading ur reviews now --- and I find it truly FUNNY. Thanks for the laugh - I needed it.

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Re: Shawn's Hair

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@Spurt wrote:

@kivah wrote:


No one should be mean or cruel --- ur much too serious.



I agree with your remark, if the hosts cant stand the heat get out of the kitchen.(it comes with the career choice)...If its too much there are so many other careers to chose from.  I remember Jill said something about the remarks people were leaving on her Facbook Page....and Jill's remark was, "after being on air all these years, Ive developed a thick skin so it doesn't bother me"..... Maybe SK could pick up a few tips from Jill on how to deal with the viewers.......maybe SK wouldnt generate so much drama

Huh?  Shawn is Shawn.  She doesn't generate drama.  The people who watch her generate the drama.   Shouldn't she be allowed to have her hair styled the way she likes it?


I have never seen a thread started about Shawn not doing her job. They always start as a criticism of her hair or her clothing then eventually someone chimes in with "oh yeah and she doesn't do her job either." 


If you've ever read Shawn's FB or Instagram, you would realize Shawn has a thick skin.  She posts what she wants and walks away.  She doesn't respond or get involved with the mean-spirited comments, of which there are plenty.  If her skin was that thin, she'd have given up on social media already.


There have been a lot of hosts who have complained on air and on social media about mean comments made to them on their social media pages.  I'm sorry but I don't subscribe to the reasoning that they are in a public job and should be allowed to be criticized endlessly about their looks, make-up, clothing choices, size, ears, etc.  They are still people.  Criticism about their job is one thing but all the personal stuff is just getting mean.      

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So true!  Sometimes I wonder what the critiques look like...

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Looks like she reads the posts about her hair because lately she has had it either clipped back or different than her usual side-swepped bang.  I truly think hosts read the posts.  I don't comment on looks.  I figure who am I to say what someone's hair, clothes, etc should be like.  Shawn is unique and her hair, clothes and quirkyness are what make her unique.  We aren't here to judge the hosts.  QVC is a shopping channel and they are there to sell the merchandise, not be rated on looks.

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 I think the hosts read these forum posts too, if they don't personally read the posts, someone does and reports to them. I think Shawn's hair is fine and works well with the makeup she likes to wear. It was distracting though when she was looking through her hair and constantly pushing the hair out of her eyes.



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Is Shawn a considered blonde or a brunette? I can't decide.


It's her hair, and she does what makes her happy. But if it were l, l would have it either all natural black, or all bleached blond, but not a combo of both. JMHO.

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I like her hair pulled back so I can see her face.....but that being is her hair. I don't watch her a lot.