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Shawn K looks great tonight on Truth & Style . She got a haircut and it looks great. She is such a pretty woman. 

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Her hair is a little too straight.  Could use some wave.  Looks as if she's gone back to the fake nails too.

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I do like her hair shorter.. But, she looks different to me. I rarely watch her, but I saw her tonight and it looks like maybe she has some fillets in her face because it looks fuller.

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I don't see much........Rockin....going on.



Designs / Styles offered = ZZZZ


Nothing to hate - Nothing to love either.



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I think she looked much more attractive with short hair also Pat James D looked so attractive years ago with her short hair. They are both very pretty just like the shorter hair on them both. 

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I like this line.  I think she looks great and I'm also quite happy that we're not looking at joggers and sweats.

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In my opinion Shawn is not at all prepared for this show.  She's apologizing for everything she is saying as well she should.  I could care less what she looks like, I am focused on items being presented.

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There's a lot of judgement going on here.  

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I always loved Shawn's original short hair style when she came to the Q. Not many people could pull that style off but she has the perfect face for it and it looked great on her.

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I think she looks fine tonight.