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I am sorry I missed this "debate" between these two, but they made headlines:

Humiliating moment QVC shopping channel hosts tackled science... and ended up arguing over whether t...

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Why in the article does it keep referring to Mrs. Tracy?
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The picture of the model covering her eyes says all that needs to be said...


I had the show on and peripherally heard the discussion, but wasn't really paying attention. Too bad the item identifies the host as 'Ms' Treacy'... Poor Jane, she had nothing to do with it... Either way, it was funny, but not, to me anyway, 'humiliating'...

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As a school teacher, there was nothing funny about this exchange between Isaac and Shawn. It was, rather, appalling.

And yes, the writer of the article misidentified Shawn as Jane.

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They're hysterical...

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The Daily Mail should get the facts straight before putting something out there.

I find this funny but really, really sad.

Did anyone read the comments after the article? {#emotions_dlg.ohmy}

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I got in this very discussion with my 7 year Granddaughter the other day. The moon is actually the earths only natural satellite. Who knew? I sure didn't.

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LOL, they'll never live this down. Maybe they'll stick to the script from now on. The Daily Mail called it a "garish outfit," Shawn used another invented word - bazillion, and poor Jane Tracy is misidentified as the protagonist. Just perfect!

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Hey, I fully admit, I don't remember 6th grade astronomy and never took it in college... I think I recall the sun is a star and the moon is a satellite, but it's hardly earth shattering. Clearly, neither of them is a planet, though. Personally, I find the exchange sort of humorous and that's just how they typically are with each other.

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"" planet moon""??