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I just wish she would do her job, a little less shopping on air.  If she's not going to give information about the product, I wish she would let the vendor do that.  As far as being a host, to me she seems to care more about looking "cute", than she does about doing her job.  

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I think the tan was a bit too much. Shes ok but im not a big fan of hers. Sometimes she does good with her outfits, other times i have to cringe. The dramatic eye makeup gets scary and the biggo earrings announce themselves from a mile away. But at other times she surprises everyone by a put together outfit. I try to watch because of beauty products but she doesnt get into important detail about the products which the viewers really need to know before buying and loses her thought process and starts talking about something else. She talks as if shes talking to a bunch of idiots like talking down to you, chewing on every word. Im glad she can do whatever she wants and she should. Im sure Qvc adores her. Who the heck are we as viewers to say or not like anything?   

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I think Shawn is the wrong host to be presenting Clarks shoes!  I cannot imagine her ever wearing anything by Clarks and she had to sit there and act like she liked them and find nice things to say.  I think Amy realized that too and I had to laugh inside when she was talking about one pair and said something to the effect of these are the most stylish in the show.  You could tell Amy was cringing.