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@LilMadi wrote:

The quote was, "hear My Soul Speak."


As others mentioned, a few years ago Shawn did always state that she wore jewelry that was very personal to her.  Something from her mother, friend etc.


I noticed when she adopted their child, all of those pieces came off.  At the time, I remember thinking it might have been to avoid scratching their daughter as she was a baby.


Since she lost her father, I noticed she's wearing what looks to be a class ring and a wedding band on her right, middle finger.  Perhaps they were his?  I think they look nice on her.

  • @LilMadi  The class ring was her Fathers.
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@BirkiLady wrote:

I don't believe there are any "superior" grades of CZ's. They are all fake looking and can be spotted anywhere. How a host can say "You can't tell them from a diamond" and get away with it legally is beyond me! But for the record, I'm able to spot a lesser quality diamond.

Perhaps that's why Shawn is uncomfortable showing jewelry. She had little knowledge of what to look for when purchasing a diamond with good color and less knowledge when having a setting made to sit next to her wedding band. Main priority was large, not the four "C's" and it shows. Her wedding band is very pretty. She has often said the Diamonique is much better than her own engagement ring and compared them. Ouch, that is painful to the heart when she has done that! 

There is a huge difference in CZ quality.  Perhaps the ones from the shopping channels are all pretty much the same but there are some awful CZ's sold in discount stores and even department stores.  I do agree though that a CZ doesn't really look like a diamond.  They are far too perfect looking.

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Don't you have something better to do than to find something to knock a person you don't even know?  Shame on you. 

As for the missing stones in the rings, how was that her fault? She presents what is given to her. Did you think she was going to lose her job by pointing out the missing stones???

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She's on the airwaves for everyone to see and hear and, subsequently, comment on. Do not select a career in television as a broadcast personality if you don't want to be viewed and heard.

That's Show Biz.
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I think she should stick with fashion...she is really terrible with everything else. I am not saying she is any better at fashion. When you hire someone, they shoud be good at something, right? Why have her present jewelry when, as she admits, she doesn't even wear it. 

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This post has been removed by QVC because it is unkind to our host.

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Why does she get every gig? I saw her layer two tops on an Isaac show recently. Both were too small for her so layered they looked terrible. They weren’t meant to layer. If you hadn’t seen them on the models you would never buy them.
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She’s a public figure. We don’t need to know her on a personal level to comment on her job performance.