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9 pages of comments on Shawn's hair????   is this what we have come to on these boards???   Shaking head in amazement.

**************     Yes, I'm afraid so.  The host bashers count on our silence.  They often go unchallenged.  So much of this has gone beyond "opinions" and "constructive criticism".  What's that saying....."Bashing thrives when good people do nothing."



Let's dont like women bashing other wmen, women bashing QVC hosts, yet I guess it's okay for  you to bash others with a difference of a opinion and I bet many of them are women!!!.....A bit hypocritcal don't you think............


And the number of pages is mostly from comments of people being inciteful and argumentative which is against the Forum guidelines.....And if you bash others that just puts gasoline on the fire and is a form of bullying JMHO  Ignore the posts that upset you and move on with your life! 

You don't know @jubilant, she never bashes anyone. Ever.  So telling her she's participating in a form of bullying is absurd.   

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This post has been removed by QVC because it's calling out another poster. unkind

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I loved Shawns who,e look better when she first started.  Her hair and makeup now make her look harsh and old.  She has lost that soft youthful look.  I feel it's still there but for so e reSon she wears her makeup too heavy plus the dark streaks and style are just not flattering.  I lime her just blonde with the softer style she had when she first started.   Last night I thought her hair looked dreadful!

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I Liked her hair blonder like this photo......the dark root look  she has now is just awfulIMG_0139.JPEG

Wow, how she has changed from this photo.  Had forgotten how she looked back then.

Wow!  She really did look beautiful and soft back then!  I really wish she would go back to this look as she looked wonderful!  She still could ,  just doesn't choose to I. Guess for some reason.

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My complaint about Shawn's hair was the fact that it stuck out from her face and was in her eyes..........

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Does this subject never end?

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It's obvious that Shawn likes her hair just the way it is.  I can't be sure, but I assume that hosts read these forums/blogs and since nothing changes, she could care less.  Some people just like to keep the conversations going on and on and on........attention seekers, IMO!

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Since you brought this up again, I would like to say some things. To me, words are powerful.  They are capable of healing and they are capable of hurting. Yes, they are used to give opinions, too. Often times..... the way a person chooses to give an opinion mirrors their intentions. I have no other motivation here than to stand up against the disquising of wrong intentions in what some call "constructive criticism"  Please look up the word constructive. Words and how we say them matter. 

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Does this subject never end?

Nope, don't think so!!  She seems to always have something to snark on.

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Really dislike Shawn's hair.  Looks like a mop and she is always pushing it out of her face.  Very distracting as I try and watch whatever she is promoting... Am I  the only one who feels this way... No one I know wears their hair in this style - don't understand how she thinks she looks good...