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Shawn asked what we thought about making her hair darker. I like her, of the few left, she and Mary Beth are among the few I can stand! Anyway, when Shawn started, her hair was adorable! I know she said her bangs burned off, but I'm sure by now they'd have regrown. I think her hair now is very unflattering and it is getting darker, which I think makes her look dull! I'm not a fan of the style as she constantly has to push it out of her face enough to see! I'd like to see her with blonde highlights again and a better style! Thank goodness she gave up the white lips! TV doesn't pick up white lips in a flattering way. This is only because she asked.

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Having hair hanging ON your face and constantly brushing it back is super unattractive.


I don't get why anyone would do this.



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I'm not a fan of her color, but I think if she had a decent style and got the hair out of her face, the color wouldn't matter as much.  That style makes it look like she's hiding something on her face.

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I agree, when she first started her hair was doesn't look that bad tonight...Not a fan of the dark roots...but she seems to love do many others.

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I like the style.  I don't like the stripes.  Would love to see it blonde all over.

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I thought maybe she was trying to grow it out ???   I think light hair looks best on her and to be honest I don't care for the dark streaks at all, subtle streaks are fine but not real dark ones with the light hair.  Just my O.

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I like it best when she colors it all blonde. 

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I saw her last night and thought, who is cutting her hair now?  Did she change stylists?   I liked her hair the "old" way and this color/cut is just not doing it for me but everyone has their own style.  I'm sure it's just fine.

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I hardly ever watch QVC so I haven't seen Shawn in probably 6 months.  CAught her the other night and could not believe it was even Shawn.  SHe looked completely different and not in a good way.  

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I've never seen Shawn with all dark hair. The striped look is, I think, hard looking. Her hair looks like it has lots of product in it.

I like how Kersten has changed her hair with a softer look.