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Re: Shawn K., PLEASE hurry back!

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Good idea Daysdee!  Some hosts really seem to get stale presenting same product line over and over.  For instance, would love to see Shawn present more jewelry; less of Sandra Bennett presenting beauty, etc.  I would think the hosts would prefer this also.  How can you possible stay overly enthusiastic presenting same thing over and over and over?

I agree about rotating the hosts.  They each have their own take on things and their own style.  I like to see Sandra Bennett presenting clothes.  Right now that only seems to be Susan Graver and I rarely watch.  To me, it seems when she presents beauty, she's hyper-talking. Makes me think that she's required to get through a large number of things in beauty because she doesn't do that with clothes. 

I have to say i don't care for Sandra B. presenting clothes at all...i do watch the SG shows and each time i wish there was another host!!  BUT i do think she really enjoys the beauty shows...she seems to get right into it all....seems to be her thing............maybe the Beauty IQ channel??

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Re: Shawn K., PLEASE hurry back!

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weird- Q link didn't work.  but the page is still there.

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i enjoy Shawn. i just tried to check her Facebook - but it doesn't seem to be working. anyone else?  


I had that happen also.  I thought it was me.  Went to check for pics on Instagram and it says the same thing - some link not working? Anyone know what I'm doing wrong...thanks!

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Re: Shawn K., PLEASE hurry back!

I think that it is good for Shawn K to have plenty of time off to be with her baby.  At this point in time, I would imagine she would be missed more at home than at the Q.  This is an important part of her life to be a new mother, and I think it will change her life forever.