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Re: Sent me the wrong item!!!

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It happened to me just last week. I received someone else's order and their receipt in a bag addressed to me. To make a bad situation worse......they charged me return shipping!  I had to make a second call to get that back.  

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Re: Sent me the wrong item!!!

I have ocassionally gotten the wrong item.  Just 2 weeks ago, I ordered a cee bee CHERYL BURKE long sleeve top and was sent a LOGO by Lori Goldstein tank.  QVC got the color and size correct.  I checked the item number on the bag the tank came it and it was for the cee bee top.  So the warehouse "picked" the right item based on the info on the outside of bag but either QVC or customer had the wrong item in the bag.


The bad thing is this top is no longer available in the color/size I had ordered.  Disappointing.