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MineTan  has never turned orange on me and it doesn't stink either. I really like it.

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Close up shots of hosts presenting shoes or pants with streaky orange ankles and/or feet grosses me out. Maybe if they didnt slather it on it wouldn't be so off putting. its just unnatural. I have no problem with self tanners but everything in moderation.
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I do like the one that you add a few drops to your moisturizer - Isle of Paradise, I think?  That one looks pretty natural, and I like it because you don't have to use a mitt, and put it IN your body lotion, and don't have to wait to get dressed for fear of getting some on your clothes.  It's pretty natural looking.  I gave up on all the other stuff.

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oh i whole heartly agree with you seems to me,most of the time its the same ones that get cant tell me hosts do not read this stuff.even tho,maybe they are told not to comment,im sure they still look at comments.and you are right,i never see any bashing about older hosts.always the young ones

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As a redhead, I do not tan.   MANY years ago as a teenager, I tried the Coppertone foam tanner, and hated the outcome on my skin.  No more.   


I don't understand why hosts and models use self tanners in the spring, when they tan naturally thru the summer.   

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I was just thinking today that some of the hosts have gone overboard with the self tanners.  Some of them could stand to dial it back.  

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I'm a huge fan of sunless tanning and I have found St, Tropez to be my favorite. Some brands can have an orange tint but I haven't had that issue thus far. also makes you look thinner and more toned! (Always a good thing!)  I think Amy & Shawn do a great job with their faux tans, as well. Both are lovely. Heart