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Re: Seems to me QVC is looking to lose business

I agree!!! They also tax s&h!!!
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Re: Seems to me QVC is looking to lose business

On 4/18/2015 luvuqvc said: I agree!!! They also tax s&h!!!

As required by your state's tax laws. QVC has no control over, nor does it keep, these taxes.

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Re: Seems to me QVC is looking to lose business

Speaking of misteps, I got a nice (not) email this morning from the Q Customer Care, says

'We're writing to you today to confirm we've completed your request to have QVC stop sending order and shipping email confirmations. You should no longer receive these specific emails from us'.

And it goes on to basically tell me to contact CS if there is any problem with this.

Now who in their right mind wouldn't want these emails if you have just made a purchase? I went into my acct and reinstated that feature, I think I did anyway. Telling me to contact CS is a joke as I know it would be some canned apology, waste of time, I agree with the OP, from what I have seen going on with this company over the years reading posts here, they seem to go out of their way to irritate their customers.

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Re: Seems to me QVC is looking to lose business

On 4/12/2015 Kachina624 said:

I think somewhere along the way, the method Q uses to operate has changed and we're just starting to "get it". Instead of selling products, they're selling blocks of time for products to be sold using our beloved hosts to "personalize" the infomercials if you will. That explains the boring week-end programming, the long and frequent presentations of the TSV and the frequency of the same products week after week. It also explains why the smaller vendors that we've enjoyed over the years have been forced out as only the large corporations can afford to buy blocks of time. I expect eventually well have nothing but live infomercials 24/7 on QVC. We're close to that now, the exception being some Q-owned brands like D&C and Susan Graver. One clue...yesterday or whenever we had a Laura Geller TSV, it was apparently referred to as paid advertising or something to that effect. This may also be why Mally is being "phased out"; she's not big enough or solvent enough to be a "player". I expect we'll soon see more vendors disappear.

As annoying as the programming has become, we may be witnessing a new concept in TV home shopping and it just might work (for them).

I am not sure if they are actually selling blocks of time but they are definitely forcing out smaller vendors in favor of those that they own or have cut a more profitable deal with.

Too bad because it makes for dull viewing on the other side of the screen doesn't it?

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Re: Seems to me QVC is looking to lose business

On 4/16/2015 Daysdee said:

I guess they think we (the customers) are having fun with all the shouting, dancing, giggling, etc. that they do now. NOT! We want hosts that act professional like years ago and want to be given pertinent information so we can make a decision to order or not. I can't believe how little I put the QVC channel on now. Weekends almost not at all. That is a big change from years ago.

I could not have said it better...I miss all the new items and the quality that Denim and Co. used to be.I think we all care or else we would not bother to express ourselves!

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Re: Seems to me QVC is looking to lose business

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