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“I own this”- that phrase does not impress me in the least, because more than likely the host got it as a FREE sample.
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@janey2 I would think it must be J.T.

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Re: Sayings by the hosts

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LOL!!!!  I get tired of the silly. nonsensicle comments like the one I heard today during a fashion show.  The host said (while referring to a shirt) that it looked like it was, "raining bananas."  What?


The most bothersome to me is when a host demands/orders you make a purchsae.  For example, "put that in your cart, buy that, buy this right now, don't wait to buy this etc."  And  lastly, "everyone is buying this in multiples."


It can be irritating or entertaining, depending on how you look at it.

"I never changed, I just learned."
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Sorry, Gary, but "Hashtag instant skinny" needs to go. 

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@ncmom wrote:

I get it...probably hard to talk non stop for two or three hours. However, I really can figure out when to wear the shirt all by myself! Don't need the scenarios from the host..." you can wear it going to get the mail or walking your dog. You can wear it with your kids or grandkids. Wear it around the house now until we can all go out. "

Hahaha, along with this... "You can put it in your living room. You can put it in your master bath. You can put it in your entranceway. You can put it in your guest room. You can put it in your kitchen..."


I don't know that I've ever heard of putting it in your garage, though.


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P.S. and by the way.  Old LR saying that RB has seemingly adopted.

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Today it's not necessarily a saying, but frequent references to chafing when talking about the TSV skort.  Kerstin even had to throw in a conversation she had with her daughter about chafing. 


Also, it's funny how they act like they're throwing a ball or doing a quick exercise move (Amy, Kerstin, others I don't know their names) to show how we can move in the TSV.  I guess it's funny because they're repeating the same movements, as though they all sat in a room and practiced it.