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"I'm an extra extra extra extra small".


Also, when the host has to try on every top because she wears an extra extra extra extra small.



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I love MB but...she has been saying this for awhile now.  Can't believe she has not been told how annoying.

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"Without a doubt" is another one.  

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@FancyPhillyshopper wrote:



Yes, you ladies who know what the hosts frequently say by heart DEFINITELY watch too much!  


Often I will mute the television and listen to some good music while I am looking at the products.


No, we are not allowed to compare music tastes or define "good," sorry, to each her own!

@FancyPhillyshopper  One doesn't need to watch QVC 24/7 to notice repetitive 'catch phrases'. 

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Re: Sayings by the hosts

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If only I had a dollar for every time Amy uses the word OPTION.


Hopefully Shawn will have forgotten the word SIDEBAR upon her return.

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Drives me nuts when a certain vendor says "ca en", instead of cotton.....or "bu en" instead of button. Correct enunciation is everything.

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I own three of ______of these tops,pants,shoes ...... I often wondered where they put all that stuff and how many closets do they have?


Only $39.00 and change




I use this....(once time as given the product? It is sitting on my vanity counter....I use this every single day...




It is my go to.....

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@DottieD wrote:
"This is really exciting" - DV has a way of saying this to describe numerous products.

Another DV saying----1,000  sold IN THIS SHOW ALONE.

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Guess I am also watching too often as I am aware of everyone of these!  LOL

@countrylady  I totally know who that is who says that!!!!!!   It's like yes, we know what size you are, you tell us every waking moment that you're on.....

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"Where's my diet Coke"