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"I need my lip gloss and breath mints"

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@webbgarner1 wrote:

@KKJ  I know what you mean. But one that really grates my nerves is HSN hosts  most often substitute the word scent for flavor. Not the same thing at all, Scent is the word to describe a smell, , flavoris used for taste. This is routinely even done on the automated phone ordering. Really  really irritating to me. Surely you guys know the difference between your nose and your mouth.

This made me laugh out loud!  So true, @webbgarner1 !  👃🏻👄

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(this was said by a vendor - not a host) she was talking about shoes and described it as fresh and crisp. 🤔

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(this was said by a vendor - not a host) she was talking about shoes and described them as fresh and crisp 🤔

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Let's not forget Shawn saying, " I don't usually like, ( whatever she is selling), but this is different."  That particular tired ploy is so obnoxious.

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2,000 have been ordered before the show...They are "flying" out of here...This is the only order of the year..


OVC is desperate...



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@on the bay 


Much like saying - Re-la-tor. (realtor)

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Re: Sayings by the hosts

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Here's the thing...


I'm sure everyone's heard the old story about prospective hosts having to describe a pencil for 30 minutes during their screen tests lol. That they were adept at that, though, doesn't mean it's easy for them to drone on and on, and endlessly effuse over the same merchandise, finding new things to say.


The "-ations" are funny, too: coloration, fabrication, formulation.


Yes, these oft-repeated words and phrases can be amusing!

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I do not think it was 30 minutes. And I beleve it was BB and KL.

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Re: Sayings by the hosts

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@deweydoo wrote:

Drives me nuts when a certain vendor says "ca en", instead of cotton.....or "bu en" instead of button. Correct enunciation is everything.

@deweydoo  I watch a BeautyYouTuber, Dominique Sachse, who is a news anchor in Texas, and has the best speech/diction/enunciation of anyone I've ever heard - An absolute joy to listen to her speak. She has had voice/speech training being that she makes her living by (primarily) using her voice. 

You would think that people who choose to make a career that requires speech as a primary 'tool' would have some type of voice training; definitely not unheard of. There is 'training'  in most, if not every, job position.


If you plan on being an orator, in any capacity, then be prepared. 

I guess the QVC producers don't think it's necessary. ? 

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