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@ellaphant   On the other hand, if you don't want to read complaints or anything else here on the boards, perhaps you should move on and do your reading elsewhere. 

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@Kachina624 wrote:

@ellaphant   On the other hand, if you don't want to read complaints or anything else here on the boards, perhaps you should move on and do your reading elsewhere. 

Bingo !

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@ellaphant  You misunderstood me. Some are not doing their job. Sometimes after a host speaks about an item for 5 minutes I have to look on line for the specifics, but I learned about some nonsense that is happening in their life.

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@ellaphant Thank you for your post, to which I agree.


You must have had an interesting job as a casting director, which sounds like it was probably a hectic job. But definitely not a dull moment! Smiley Happy



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While I agree with @ellaphant that hosting is not easy, it behooves the powers that be hire people that can do the job well.  Of course mistakes are going to happen, no one, even the complainers, are perfect all the time.  It's live, no second and third takes like films and TV shows. There are some outstanding, professional hosts that rarely have a misstep and others that are really not as well suited without additional training, elocution lessons, and coaching on how to be professional.  Some just need to move on IMHO.  Of course based on those that have been let go of late, Q has no clue.

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To me , since many people are  voicing dissatisfaction  with the same  lack of giving us customers the  info that we need to make a good financial decision as to buy something or pass it by , than that tells me that QVC is not responsive to it's customers.

In this day and age  with many competing vendors for  customers , one would  think that companies  would closely  update their practices. Unfortunately, for us customers , the pandemic has provided little incentive to companies in making customers number one . To many local  brick/mortar businesses were closed during the pandemic so many more people began buyingfrom online companies .

I think the Q just follows the business that they think there are many old women sitting around watching their programs for company and spend their last retirement dollar on stuff they don't need .

I am a little old lady and I sure don't need to listen to QVC Host's jammering abt themselves and nonsense .  I have  life .

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I could not agree with you more , these people that are complaining need to stop watching so much QVC , to nit pick every host.

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@janey2 wrote:

With all due respect I do not agree with you. First of all what isn't a hard job? If you love what you are doing it's worth the effort. When a host talks about her family constantly she is not doing her job. I have no interest in your children each time you show an item. Talk about the item you are selling. When you constantly mispronounce words you are not doing your job, even worse when you make up your own vocabulary. Mumbling is not doing your job. I can go on and on. Please,  these people are not finding a cure for cancer, they are selling a shirt. 

Thse are the people the op was talking about , too much time on their hands for sure. Go to a brick and mortar store if you don't like the hosts. I bet Amy has really good sales.

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Complaints aside, if a host is not consistently meeting corporate sales goals they are out of a job.  Conversely, in spite of complaints posted if sales goals are met a host will remain and it is unlikely corporate will insist the host change their presentation style.

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90 million people have never, ever watched a QVC show at the same time. What a laughable ridiculous notion.  Bending over backwards to defend Q is marvelous entertainment.