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Re: Same old complaints.

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@Johnnyeager wrote:

90 million people have never, ever watched a QVC show at the same time. What a laughable ridiculous notion.  Bending over backwards to defend Q is marvelous entertainment. 

@Johnnyeager  You consistently have so much disdain for the people on this board that it must be just entertainment for you. 🙄

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I think if someone is unprepared for any job, including sales channel host, nurse, deli worker, store manager, construction worker, or whatever, then they need to be prepared or perhaps try another field to work in where their skills may be better suited.   Not everyone is cut out to have any job.


I don't mind some personal stuff along with the sales, colors, etc., but I want to see the product in the colors I may be interested in, and hear about it's features, benefits, how it fits, how it needs to be laundered, where it's made, warranties, whether or not its advance order or in stock item, etc.  


Many times when I make a purchase, the sizing decision is based on the reviews or on sizes purchased prior (which doesn't help the new shopper), not what the host has explained (or not explained).


Maybe having more then one host would make sense so they can be sure to cover all the details while the item is still on air. 

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As a recent example I stopped watching a few TV shows I disliked after seeing some episodes.  I will not watch something I am not interested in.  As it goes with the Q it is the same.  I do not watch presentations by hosts who are not professional and we all can agree or disagree on those hosts.  I feel changes need to be made in many ways on the shows so  I have cut down considerably watching the Q and it isn't important in the scheme of things.


All jobs are stressful and difficult.  I was a counselor in an urban school district for 41 years and I could have written a book if I had kept a journal .  It was beyond difficult but it was my job and I wanted to help people. Entertainers are very well paid for what they do and so are shopping channel hosts.  I don't begrudge that but  I find it sad that people in certain fields are paid so much less but do so much more for society.  


This is just my opinion, 

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@janey2  Amen!

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These hosts are selling a lifestyle.  They want to make people think that they are friends or family.  This is the reason that they talk constantly about their families.  They want the consumers to believe that they are just one big happy family so they can keep buying products.  A rule in business is if there isn't a need for a product then you create one.

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I couldn't do the job of a host which is why I never auditioned to be a host.  But for those that did audition and get hired, I expect they are qualified for the job and should do the job well.  If they can't handle how "hard" the job is, maybe it's time for a career change.


I would bet most of the hosts couldn't do my job either. 

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If reading concerns/complaints bother you so much you should quit reading them. The biggest point you made to me is "your way or the highway". People have as much right to complain as you do to try and tell them what to do! 

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Yes, it is a TV production, choreographed to sell products.  Selling products without viewers being able to see in person, touch, and try on, that need to be described and shown in detail.  


Every job has a specific job description. 


QVC's hosts are required to present products mostly around 3 hours, 3 times a week on-air, and yes, they must juggle the the product, camera, producers, and vendors; however, 2-4 hours, mostly 3 hours, 3 x a week, is reasonable and hardly what I'd call exhausting. 


As with most things done repetitively, this juggling becomes second nature.  Some of these hosts have been around for quite some time.  


I think all of them are capable of handling this juggling.  Most of the problems I see are the result of, probably, the sales department telling them to do things that annoy some telling personal stories, and "hard sell" tactics, only two examples; therefore, robbing time that should be given to describing the product.  


There are some things they should know like how to pronounce words used in the presentation.


Just as with other public personalities, there will be criticism.  Of course, there will be mistakes and sometimes criticism is unwarranted, other times it is.  Sometimes criticism helps these personalities try to become better performers and, yes, as I see it, QVC's hosts are performing. 



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@Junebug54 wrote:

@ellaphant  On the other hand, possibly the job isn't for them.   Most would excuse and occasional mistake... but time after time of not giving out pertinent info and as someone else said talking about family etc. is unacceptable.    The older hosts are able to manage without any problems.   In my opinion many of the complaints are legit.  

If they are legit complaints then they need to be directed to QVC management to someone who can actually do something about your perceived problem. Stop rehashing the same things over and over on the boards. We cannot solve your personal problem and are sick of hearing the same complaints over and over. No one is capable of pleasing everyone all the time. Also, if you have not done this job, you clearly do not know how difficult it is.Smiley Happy

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I have noticed that people who complain a lot are just that way.  It is a personality trait.  They probably complained a lot as a child too.


There is nothing you can do to stop them.  They would complain about you if you tried.


Using QVC as an example.  If you tell them to change the channel or not watch a particular host, they will complain that they have the right to complain and they do not wish to change the channel.  It is an ongoing circle.  They will complain about you telling them what to do.


I have also noticed that the host's that get the most complaints on the forums are the ones who are on the most and have been for many years.  They are still working because they sell.  If they didn't move merchandise, they would be gone.


Just because a forum poster doesn't like something about the host, doesn't mean everyone feels the same way.


It's probably best just to let posters complain and ignore the negative posts the best you can.  They are not going to stop..and No, they won't change the channel.