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Same old boring TSVs

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Any suggestions?

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Nothing new - same old same old brands.  C'mon QVC - let's bring in some NEW and EXCITING TSV'S!!! IMO you need to bring in some new blood to your buying department!

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Re: TSVs for February 2021

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qvc program 2152021.png



1 Muk Luks
2 Microderm MD
3 Gem Day
4 Home Checklist
5 Crepe Erase
6 Barefoot Dreams
7 Not Your Daughter’s Jeans
8 The Perfect Bag
9 Josie Maran Cosmetics
10 Gourmet Holiday
11 Stressed Life To Best Life
12 Ryka Footwear
13 Tweak'd Haircare
14 Ninja Kitchen
15 Home Office
16 Elemis Skincare
17 Nespresso
18 Garden Reflections
19 Denim & Co.
20 Fitness At Home
21 Halo Powerful Innovations
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Same old boring stuff.
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Any suggestions on what the Q can enhanced their TVS I'm sure they would appreciate, so what Vendor should they present as a TSV?  I don't even try to guess as I'm sure they review the best sellers as TSV. 

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How about something that isn't boring?  That means, not a play it safe, run of the mill, dull TSV.  It means taking a risk that your audience is more adventurous than you may think.

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I agree about the dullness of the TSVs but had anyone notice the poor selection of lunchtime specials ?    I have been a customer since 1987 and love QVC.  I used to purchase Lunchtime Specials  at least once or twice a week !  What's happening ? There used to be so many pretty clothes and for the cook (not me) useful items and of course tempting make-up and jewelry.  Oh well, it is what it is !    Felinemom


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Re: Same old boring TSVs

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Like I said...the easiest job in the U.S. is that of QVC Buyer (just repeat and re-order the same ole stuff)...OR...QVC TV PROGRAMMER other than new show TITLES pretty much the items in the shows are always the same....😴ZZZZZZZ!!!!



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Where's some different jewelry lines---Where's Carolyn Pollack????  Gee, even some nice AFFORDABLE  fashion jewelry would be welcomed----all QVC jewelry shows these days are Diamonque jewelry (which I dont care for)....or occasionally JAI......QVC's jewlery options are pitifiul.....yet JTV keeps a nice varied inventory.....


QVC used to bring in some "maverick" fashion designers....not on all the time but they made an occasional appearance with some nice different styles


QVC sends David and crew to these home shows so despite CIVID there has to be companies out there that offer unusual and unique kitchen gadgets besides the same ole kitchen shears, spurdles, slicers, graters, or mandolins....Woman Sad  


HOME-- How about some different good quality home decor pieces------ (security alarms, humidifiers, fake ivy fences, and all kinds of stick-em lighting and plugs, storage containers need not apply!)


Or how about all those 1,000s of items the hosts keep mentioning in their promos that are on the website, but seldom seen on air......Woman Very Happy








Animals are reliable, full of love, true in their affections, grateful. Difficult standards for people to live up to.”