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QVC, Webbie, The inappropriate button on each thread is there to alert inappropriate discussions for a variety of reasons. It may be fighting, political or other. Someone pushes the alert button and sooner than later the entire thread is usually poofed or deleted.

The sound of the alert button does not mean the thread had violated QVC'S standards. It means that someone has simply pushed the alarm. Many innocent threads have been deleted because a poster has sounded the alert button and Webbie has deleted the thread without examining or even reading the offensive thread. That is not fair.

Please QVC stop this constant deleting of innocent threads by trolls who want the thread deleted because they dislike the creator of the thread or a poster who they dislike. Read the thread before deleting the thread.

Ban posters who constantly push the alert button for no good reason other than to cause trouble and disappointment to the posters who are posting on that thread. Please stop deleting fun, interesting, harmless threads by trolls. Thank you. Please read the thread before deleting the thread.