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This post has been removed by QVC because it is unkind.

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I am not a fan of liquid knit but her pants when offered in Petite fit me well.  Her tops are way overpriced (and I do not care for liquid knit)  For me, her tops are too long and rarely ofered in petite length, liquid knit  just hangs on me in an unattractive way.  I have bought a few liquid knit tops and they just hang in my closet; I put them on as they look nice on the hanger, but take them off when I look in my full length mirror.  I am sure they are great for travel but not worth the price imo.


The only clothing I buy on Q is Isaac's pima cotton tees.  They are long on me but I put them in the dryer the first time I wash them and they shrink at least an inch.  They feel wonderful on and keep their shape.



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I agree that the prices for Susan Graver have gone up quite a bit.  I will say that the quality of her items (at least from the past) were excellent.  Can't speak to it as much now as I have not been ordering her line as much as I did in the past.  Although, I will say that clothing has gone up across the board.  I was at Target with my 17 y/o daughter today and even their prices seem to be going up.