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Re: Ruh-Roh. Trouble in LR Land.

Remarkable that none of your jewelry has ever had any tarnishing. 


Unless its pure 24k, all gold is alloyed--mixed with other metals. 14 and 18k yellow gold is alloyed with copper and silver, and most people find that there is some tarnishing. Not the black tarnish that's seen on old silver flatware, for example, but a bit of oxidation that changes the color ever so slightly over time.  Even in a high end store, jewelry is gently cleaned w a soft cloth periodically to keep pieces at their best. Some popular jewelry cleaners/soaks or chemically treated cloths can be harmful.  Sonic cleaners can loosen pave or other small stones. 

I'm neutral about Lisa and certainly not a member of the tribe. After seeing these posts, I looked at the video. It does seem that she has gotten some pushback and the video feels a bit defensive. However, after seeing some of the comments in this thread, which purport to understand her business financials and balance sheet and delight in branding her a failure, I wonder if some of her returns are just about spite.


And fyi--the BBB doesn't file lawsuits. In fact, it can't do much of anything. It's not a government agency, it's a business membership organization. If you file a complaint, they notify the business, and possibly help to resolve the issue, but there's no legal teeth. 


Lots of misinformation in this thread. 

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Re: Ruh-Roh. Trouble in LR Land.

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This is as fake news as u can get about LRz business. Since beginning of year shes had over 80 sellouts. Things have flown out so quickly she barely has any product. Shes almost in year four of her biz. Most businesses come and go in a year but not LR. Her business is flourishing


That's not true.  And making something up to suit your own agenda doesn't make it true.


You might want to do some research rather than post info that is false.  Especially in a post where you accuse others of "fake news".





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Re: Ruh-Roh. Trouble in LR Land.



No, there is lots of correct information on this thread.  Not opinions.  Unless you have access to both public and private social media, you cannot refute any claims that have been posted about.  Obviously, no one is able to provide screenshots that contain customer names.


Pushback is putting it mildly.  Returns out of spite?  Do you have any idea how difficult and costly it is to make a return to her?  If not, your assessment is only your opinion.


Any pushback is promptly deleted.  When she has customers begging on her public social media for a customer service response, she tells them to email customer service.  They do not get answers.  They are frustrated and rightly so.


Lisa's lame attempt at damage control on that video was too little, too late.  If this was any other company, no one would hesitate to voice their complaints and concerns.  Because it's Lisa, we are supposed to tread lightly?







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Re: Ruh-Roh. Trouble in LR Land.

Wow; LR is still a hot topic!!  18 pages of comments about a host who left QVC years ago!  I personally was curious what she would do when she left the Q.  I did like her as a host but did not join her tribe!  She sure has a following but wonder how long they will stay if they are not happy with her offerings.  

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Re: Ruh-Roh. Trouble in LR Land.

I don't know if there is "lots of misinformation" being posted here. However, I do know that I have lots of jewelry and have never babied it.  I use hairspray, perfume, soap, water, everything that Lisa says will tarnish your pieces.  In the decades I've been collecting jewelry, nothing has ever tarnished except a couple of really cheap JTV rings.  Silver is still silver.  Gold is most certainly still gold.  If I had to jump through all the hoops Lisa described in that video, I'd never wear any of it; too much work!  So I'd say that any "misinformation" being put out is from Lisa Robertson, who seems to be trying very hard to tap dance her way out of responsibility for selling very cheap jewelry at very high prices and never thought her faithful fans would call her out on it.

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Re: Ruh-Roh. Trouble in LR Land.

Returns out of spite? 


Why would anyone do that?  LOL

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Re: Ruh-Roh. Trouble in LR Land.

I watched some of the video but got too disgusted with her school girl laughing and fawning over that man.  I don't know his situation, for all I know he may wear a wedding ring and be in the process of a divorce -- who knows?  However, when I was single and I saw a man with a wedding ring, I didn't think twice about not going near him.


LR thinks she is "awesome" and I hate to have to break it to her, but she is an aging beauty pageant person who is getting older by the day.


I have no idea about her business financials and honestly don't care either.   All I know is she sells stuff that can be purchased at Home Goods or BB&B and she sells this stuff at a considerable markup.  I can't stop people from spending their hard earned money on her junk, but I can speak up and say that is my opinion of it.  Some of her "treasures" can be bought in Michaels or Joann's with a 50% discount coupon.  But as someone once said:  "there is a sucker born every minute".  So let the games begin!

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Re: Ruh-Roh. Trouble in LR Land.

Oh hellodali so u have bought Lisa's items. It's just imagination to downgrade and spread fake news about LRz business. Lisa has a thriving business and shes doing it so well. Using her home she doesnt hsve to psy rent on s brick and mortar. She has fabulous QVC veterans on the team and having record sellouts. She has those expensive couture diamond pieces and she has sold quite a few of those. Big question could Lisa return to a shopping channel and write her own ticket anywhere but of course. She chooses to instead be her own boss, have complete creative control and just kill it. I am so happy she is almost on year four of this biz. I am about to tear up and cry. What's she done is given us a high brow experience. Shes made us feel like we could be one of the who's who.
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Re: Ruh-Roh. Trouble in LR Land.

Can you please come up with a new schtick?  The biz, the fabulousness, write her own ticket, etc. etc.  I don't have to purchase fake radishes to know I can get them cheaper at Michaels in the bargain bin. 


And you are right -- who needs an established store on Madison Avenue when you can have your sofa in your livingroom and customers do not get the privilege of seeing or touching the items prior to purchase?    Then when the junk gets delivered to their home, they have the hassle of boxing it up and sending it back because they find out it is garbage.


BTW 2 years does not equal 4 even in the new math.  Tear up?  Are you even serious or is this a joke? 



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Re: Ruh-Roh. Trouble in LR Land.

@JONNYSBROAgain, Lisa is NOT going on year four... she will start her 3rd year in June.  IF she makes it that long...