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I love to see Rick with Valerie. They really complement each other.  Fun show!

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The things in that show were so lovely.  Then I pictured the raccons that visit lounging on that bistro set and didn't buy anything lol

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I swore off buying anything from QVC since I am downsizing, but Rick is so enthusiastic, that he talked me into purchasing one of VPH's bunnies!   

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Concur, best hosts with Valerie----Jayne Brown and Rick!

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Rick's great with Valerie. It was fun watching.

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@Kachina624 you are such a negative person. Always ripping on posters & hosts. I'm pretty sure u wouldn't say this to Rick's face.  U hide behind your keyboard , trolling..constantly.. 46,000 posts says it all.  Unbelievable... Lighten up on people !

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Re: Rick's show with VPH

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@J-Low   I absolutely would tell Rick what I said and I'm sure he'd agree.  You are laboring under a sad misconception.  And I don't "troll", whatever that is.  I would never personally attack another poster as you're doing. 


Oh, and 12 other people have agreed with me about Rick. 

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