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I think Rick and Valerie are so great together.

FUN to watch, very entertaining. 

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I agree.  He makes her laugh.  You can tell they genuinely like each other.

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Terrific show. 


This programming definitely works.

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I can't think of any program on QVC that I enjoy more than watching Rick and Valerie!  They just really click together, yet you don't lose anything in the details of what's being presented.  I always hate to see their shows end.

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Rick's usually not my cup of tea but I really did enjoy the VPH show he hosted today. I watched the entire two hours...which is rare for me these days with most QVC programming. And I purchased an item that I'm so glad I saw and I'm very excited to get it. Nice job Rick and Valerie!

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Yes!  They are the best.  

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I too enjoy them together very much.   He is just so funny with her, constantly makes me crack up.  DH kept bugging me during the show and I said talk to me at 3:00!!!   LOL, he just rolled his eyes.

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Rick and Valerie,

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      One of my favorite pairings!!  They work so well together!!

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The dynamic duo!!!!