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I really enjoyed seeing Rick on the TSV Vitamix show last week.  I do not want to critique anyone, we never know what is going on in another persons life but I do want to compliment his recent  hosting.  Rick was inforned about the item ,He  Offered great advice and asked on point questions of the Vitamix rep.  His tone was very pleasant and his confidence and  sense of humor is great!!  I believe that afterwards he also presented  kitchen items and it was very relaxing!  Thanks everyone!

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I can’t watch him. He’s too hyper. I am sure he’s a nice guy - a little tough around the edges but way too much energy
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I enjoy Rick but never watch a program just for the host so don’t see him very often. He always is well prepared. I get a kick out of watching him with Valerie. He doesn’t try to steal the spotlight. 

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I always enjoy Rick's energy and preparedness. 

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Sorry I can't watch him.  Aside from being hyper, he doesn't even attempt to be subtly persuasive.  He just keeps barking sales lines at you.

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@Labby mom  I love watching Rick. His presentations are always spot on, and what a great personality.

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I love when he does a show with Valerie 🥰❤️

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When Rick calms down he can be a decent host, he's witty and has a sense of humor. I enjoy him when he hosts the Valerie Parr Hill Shows....

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I like Rick also, I find him to be quite funny at times.  ITA with others, he is the best when presenting with VPH Smiley Happy

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I also enjoy him in the Diamonique shows.