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Can't watch him at all.  He sounds like a high pressured, loud car salesman. Yuk.

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@Labby mom  Thank you for posting this! I haven't seen much of Rick, because I watch kitchen, home and garden shows only. He has been doing more of these lately, and I am impressed with how prepared he is. He knows the colors, knows what things are called on the website and asks pertinent questions. He's a little frenetic sometimes, and that is a bit off-putting, but he is more prepared than any other host. Even David.

MORE prepared than David?  The heck you say!  LOL!


In my opinion Dan Hughes is the most prepared host.  He really does his homework. He tests products before presenting them. Love his Midwestern corny sense of humor.

Love Dan Hughes and his self-depricating humor. I could watch him for hours.

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I use to like Rick but he has become more like a carnie worker yelling at you to buy stuff as you pass their booth. He is over the top.


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QVC needs to get Rick Domeier some help with his stuttering- impossible to watch him doing that, especially with VPH. Training to talk 100% slower would help a lot.