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Re: Revers-a-Brella Presentation

@Spurt-- Its a real shame that they play games with reviews.  I understand why they do it, but it makes them look bad.  God bless Amazon for letting the 'chips fall where they may' when it comes to reviews.  BTW, I do purchase items that get bad reviews.  I feel like I'm able to discern opinions from actual problems with a product.  

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Re: Revers-a-Brella Presentation

Have these also.  Awful product.  When you open it it automatically flips inside out, defeats purpose of keeping rain off if you have your hands full and push button to open.  Also they are extremely hard to push the handle back into place.  I threw mine away.

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Re: Revers-a-Brella Presentation

@Beauty Maven 

I am sorry that your umbrellas arrived damaged. You may of course return them for a full refund and/or replacement. Please send me an email to so I may arrange the return for you.

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