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@Mustang Shar 


You are misinterpreting the wording!!!




Susan_QVC responded to another scare thread that they have researched and there are NO NEW RETURN FEES!

The mods said they are usually notified if any big changes like this were happening.  Susan researched and there is nothing she can find.





It is simply worded that way because the REASON you return WILL affect additional fees...meaning IF you return other than defect/ ALREADY know you will lose the original shipping if there was any.


I hope they delete these threads before more people are misled into thinking there was a change.


Apparently, this post needs a bump!

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My last two orders came with the 3-part label stuck to the outer box.  I cannot even read anything under the top label.  Can't read the return label or the label with my order info like price.  Hate those labeles. They are saving money this way but its not customer friendly.  I have not heard anything on air about additional return fees - restocking?


@Catch71 I have had the same issues with those annoying labels.  


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I had no idea there was a restocking fee. I was just charged $27.80 for return labels. I shipped back 4 items and shipping charge. OUTRAGEOUS to have a restocking fee when their is sizing is OFF. I ordered a shirt by LOGO which fit well. I ordered another shirt from Logo and it is too small. Clearly my shopping days are finished from Q. Legal robbery of the consumer.

@alexis211 QVC does NOT charge restocking fees. They charge a fee if you use their return label and you do not get original S&H back. If the item was defective or if QVC sent the wrong item then you will be refunded everything you  paid.

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I'm sorry if everyone took my question as a statement of fact. I just had never seen that particular wording on my return label before and was wondering if some new policy was in place that I had not heard about. And I have to admit that even after all the explanations of the wording I still find it confusing. 

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I just read something online today that was interesting.  One of the 55 large corporations  that paid NO TAXES on their 2020 profits was the Qurate Group-parent company to QVC and HSN. Seems like my taxes are going up each year & they paid nothing for last year.  Think about that when you're paying your return fees and restocking fees, plus increased shipping costs.  :-(

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That probably has something to do with how the subsidiary companies are organized.
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Re: Return fees

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I am done shopping with QVC.  Shop around ladies. I found Laurie Felt denim jackets, new with tags, for $20 shipping included & the Bali bras I wear for $12.95 with free shipping. The bras were on hangers with all tags like found in stores.  I got 2 jackets and 4 bras & saved a bunch.  I refuse to pay a restocking fee to QVC to return an item in addition to their return shipping charges.