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Re: Return Credit (separate charge for return label fee)

@luvluvluv   thank you.  I return very little, but I remember that with my last return of an item on EZP I had to do some figuring to make sure it was accurate.

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Re: Return Credit (separate charge for return label fee)

This was on


Return Delays from Rocky Mount Fire
Due to the recent fire in our Rocky Mount facility, we’re experiencing delays in our return processing. For a quick return, refund, or exchange, email & for more details, click to see our FAQs.


I used this quick return and was refunded the total amount.  In the email I received telling me of the return being processed, it also stated that if I used the $6.95 return label when sending the product back, I would see the $6.95 charge to my credit card. The exception was if the product was defective, then the whole amount would be refunded without the $6.95 being charged back.  It was the fastest refund I have ever received.  I did send something back and did not use this easy return and it took a month and a half to get the refund. The quick return took three days and I had my refund.

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Re: Return Credit (separate charge for return label fee)

Thank you for bringing this up. Recently, I noticed this situation and clalled CS to have it explained.  I, in turn, explained to them that I will be aware of the "small" additional charge before I order. Somehow, I missed that on the return label. According to CS this procedure has been in operation for a year.


Note: I always ask for a receipt for mailing..on each package                     when I make a return..  There is no charge, and It has been            a help for proof of return twice